Why I Created DBRows

Author: Szymon Lipiński
Published at: 2017-02-15

Some time ago I was using the Records, a library loved by so many people. This library is simple, it’s just a proxy to some other libraries. That’s fine.

I was really not impressed with the library interface.

After some time of using the library I got the feeling that the interface is not too good, it looked like some random ad hoc bunch of functions.

So I have decided to implement my own version, mainly to find out if it is possible to create the kind of interface I described here.

That’s why the DBRows Project has been born.


Good Python Interface

Author: Szymon Lipiński
Published at: 2017-01-24

In the previous blog post I wrote about changing interfaces using a Java class as an example.

The public interface of the final implementation was:


    (int, int)


    getWidth() -> int
    getHeight() -> int
    getArea() -> int

There were no public fields, all were accessible with the setters and getters.

There was also a C# example with the properties. This way I had the public interface like:


    (int, int)


    int width
    int height

And because of the properties those fields were also writeable.