Python Comprehension Is Not Fast

published at 12 Oct, 2016 by Szymon Lipiński tags: python programming c++

In the previous blog post I have presented results of benchmarking list comprehensions and maps in Python.

The results looked fine, however there was one thing I couldn’t stop thinking about. The huge memory overhead and the huge execution time.

The process used 50MB of memory from the beginning. Then it had just to iterate through a list of integers (which are small). The number of integers is also small (only 1M). Then it had to make 1M divisions to find the even numbers, and square it (making 0.5M multiplications, and 0.5M additions).

Why did it take 1.5 minute?


Which One Use: List Comprehension Or Map?

published at 07 Oct, 2016 by Szymon Lipiński tags: python programming

Some time ago there was a discussion on IRC, which looked like this:

- You should not use the map() function 
  in Python but the only list comprehension.
- Why?
- Because it is more Pythonic.
- Why?
- Because all people use the list comprehension.

Other arguments were not convincing as well. I have written about the map and the list comprehension in Advanced Python Constructs.

Arguments like “because I say it” or “all people do it like this” (evidence please) are just stupid, not convincing, and simply false (I use map so that’s not true that all people don't use it). So I have decided to make some benchmarks for the memory/time characteristics for list comprehensions and maps.