PostgreSQL Collation - part 2

published at 11 Oct, 2008 by Szymon Lipiński tags: collation postgresql

Due to many questions about the PostgreSQL collation that were asked after my last short article about that, I decided to write some more about the current collation situation in PostgreSQL.

What The Collation Is

The collation setting is responsible for correct working functions such as


PostgreSQL Collation - part 1

published at 02 Oct, 2008 by Szymon Lipiński tags: database mysql postgresql

PostgreSQL is (IMHO) much better than MySQL but unfortunately it still lacks one of the greatest MySQL features: encoding.

MySQL Collation

Locale settings in MySQL are great. You can have different collation set for each database, table and even column (the same as it is in Interbase/Firebird). This gives the opportunity to simplify the database structure.

For example (I know, a very simplified example) when you have even a simple blog database and want to create a multilingual blog. Then it is enough to create one table for posts with two columns for body, each with different collation.