Why There is No Big Database

Usually I hear something like this:

“Help me, my database is so slow because it is so big”

“What size?”

“Well… about 1,000 rows”.

That usually makes me laugh. Adding some indices and convincing programmers not to get all rows with every select usually helps. Suddenly it turns out the database is not so big.

What MySQL Execution Plan Depends On

The execution plan is the way that a database executes query. It usually depends on many things like the presence of indices, data stored in table, amount of the returned data and so on. I’ve already found that on MySQL it depends on something more. On the kind of storage engine being used. More you can find here.

Problem with resume and TeX

Well, I like TeX. I really like TeX. Especially LaTeX, however ConTeXt looks much nicer. I use this to write some documents, last week I rewrote my resume to look a little bit nicer. I used Kile and LaTeX and converted it to a pdf. So now I’ve got a nice resume and some letters to some companies written in LaTeX. I’ve got them in some strange(?) formats like dvi or pdf.

I thought that there wouldn’t be any problems with this.

Quite A Nice RFC


               Twas brillig, and the Protocols
                    Did USER-SERVER in the wabe.
               All mimsey was the FTP,
                    And the RJE outgrabe,

               Beware the ARPANET, my son;
                    The bits that byte, the heads that scratch;
               Beware the NCP, and shun
                    the frumious system patch,

               He took his coding pad in hand;
                    Long time the Echo-plex he sought.
               When his HOST-to-IMP began to limp
                    he stood a while in thought,

               And while he stood, in uffish thought,
                    The ARPANET, with IMPish bent,
               Sent packets through conditioned lines,
                    And checked them as they went,

               One-two, one-two, and through and through
                    The IMP-to-IMP went ACK and NACK,
               When the RFNM came, he said "I'm game",
                    And sent the answer back,

               Then hast thou joined the ARPANET?
                    Oh come to me, my bankrupt boy!
               Quick, call the NIC! Send RFCs!
                    He chortled in his joy.

               Twas brillig, and the Protocols
                    Did USER-SERVER in the wabe.
               All mimsey was the FTP,
                    And the RJE outgrabe.
                                                       D.L. COVILL
                                                          May 1973