Problem with resume and TeX

by Szymon LipiƄski
tags: tex

Well, I like TeX. I really like TeX. Especially LaTeX, however ConTeXt looks much nicer. I use this to write some documents, last week I rewrote my resume to look a little bit nicer. I used Kile and LaTeX and converted it to a pdf. So now I’ve got a nice resume and some letters to some companies written in LaTeX. I’ve got them in some strange(?) formats like dvi or pdf.

I thought that there wouldn’t be any problems with this.

Problem 1

There are some advertisements where it is written

Please send us your resume in the Word format.


Please send us your resume in the *.doc file.

Well, I don’t have one. I usually send pdfs.

Problem 2

I sent an email with pdf files. I’ve got reply that the files are not in the Word format. Could I send in this format? I answered “no, you can’t”. Usually there is a reply: “OK, no problem”.

But sometimes it is:

Sorry, you can’t apply to this job if we don’t have your resume in this format.

Well, what a pity.

Problem 3

There is no sensible (I don’t know of any) converter from LaTeX/PDF to Word.

A Geek?

Well, I’ve got a nice resume, in the pdf properties there is information that it was written using LaTeX, coool. I’ve got a coooool geeky resume, sometimes unusable but it is coool.