I’ve been consulting and working for multiple companies for the last 18 years.

My vast experience allows me to work on all aspects of software engineering, including:


  • Python Trainings
  • Python 1-on-1 Remote Trainings
  • PostgreSQL Trainings


  • Optimizing PostgreSQL Databases
  • Preparing and Fixing Database Schema
  • Improving Databases Efficiency


  • Developing Django Websites
  • Building Frontend With ReactJS

System Administration

  • Managing Multiple Linux Machines
  • AWS Management and Deployment
  • Building Docker Images

Project Management

  • Managing Projects
  • Taking Care of Whole Projects Life Cycles
  • Mentoring Programmers

Used Programming Languages

  • Python
  • Java
  • C++
  • Kotlin
  • JavaScript
  • SQL


The best way to contact me would be using one of the following methods: