The Most Weird Thing Ever

Author: Szymon Lipiński
Published at: 2014-04-23

This is the most weird thing I’ve ever found. I’m not sure I will find a more weird one.

A music album. Full of music. To listen you just need to compile it as a kernel module. Then you will have a new device you can read the music from.

In this repository, you will be able to compile your own kernel module, create a /dev/netcat device and pipe its output into an audio player.

cat /dev/netcat | ogg123 -

This repository contains the album’s track data in source files, that (for complexity’s sake) came from .ogg files that were encoded from .wav files that were created from .mp3 files that were encoded from the mastered .wav files which were generated from ProTools final mix .wav files that were created from 24-track analog tape.


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